About us

Pak Med-Krafts Instruments give importance to customers desire, and fulfilling their desire by exporting quality products according to the their specification, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Now, Pak Med-Kraft looking for the new customers & contacts, in this regard we ensure all our customers for full feedback.

Pak Med-Krafts is looking to distribute it’s quality products in Europe & rest of the world, by establishing business contacts, we are also looking for B2C business, that is, E-commerce direct to the clinics on world most affordable rates.

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MATERIAL: Stainless steel instruments are the most sophisticated features in modern surgery. They need to be precise, formulate right from the material and up to the points in all respects. As you know the material’s importance is always basic requirement to produce the quality of instruments, so most of the dental instruments are manufactured in French material.

Other materials (like German, Japanese & Pakistani etc) material is also be used according to the customer requirement.

Our instruments are passed from Boil test, Pessivation test with six stages impression test and functional test, ensuring the best quality & rust proof instruments.

Although, Med-Kraft Instruments emphasizes on the quality of the product but much more on the business morality.
We are committed to the efficient delivery of the products.